"I just wandered into a shop called Unit 7 in Manchester and bought several of your fantastic cards, which I'd never seen before, immediately. Well, actually I had to buy them and get out as I was embarrassed about snorting out loud with laughter just when I was trying to impress the very nice lady behind the counter with my urbane air of calm, centred sophistication. (There's a scenario for a picture for you, right there&¦ I bet you just love it when people think they can write jokes just like you, dontcha.) I felt a little less embarrassed when she also laughed out loud when going through my cards to enter them on the till. At the cards, not at me.

The one I laughed out loud at was "I'm still in love with you" and my second-favourite is "You've got pen on your face."

The saga of my adventures in shops continued this morning when I actually SPOKE to the impossibly glamorous woman next to me in the queue in Caffe Nero. Well, she wanted a Ham & Egg pannini but they never have enough, do they, and the Bacon is a poor substitute. I apologised for having just taken the last one. She smiled warmly and said she'd let me off and I've spent the last 4.5 hours trying to make that sound filthy in my head. I'll get there in the end.
Redmond Colm - Apr 8th 2009, 15:52

"Must say I am a big fan of all your cards, my grannie didn't quite understand the one about the "did you accidently touch my willie?" but i thought the look on her face was priceless!"
Chris Wood - Apr 8th 2009, 15:49

"just discovered your cards, they are wonderful and made me laugh out loud.
best, jemma @ kitchen sink dramas."
Jemma - Apr 8th 2009, 15:48

"Hi Hazel,

I've loved your cards since the first time I saw one on the mantlepiece at my mother's, last Christmas '08.
They are fabulously sick and have me laughing out loud, alone, which is never a good look!!
Keep up the good work.
I always have a stock of cards at home to send, usually blank, for any occassion. I've just bought a few more of yours to add to the collection. My mother will roar laughing this Sunday (22.3.09) when I present her with one of your classics; it will hit her right where she lives.

Jack X"
Jackie Jones - Mar 18th 2009, 15:07

"huge congrats mz bee!! i cant believe i used to live with - im so proud! cant wait to buy heaps of your cards.. got two of the ones you sent me a year ago up in my kitchen and everyone always comments on them..and now i can give them your website!! good times! xax"
aimee - Mar 16th 2009, 21:05

"I saw your cards in a shop in Liverpool and wanted to buy each and every one! I must have looked like a loon laughing hysterically to myself! x"
Siobhan - Mar 4th 2009, 12:55

"Your cards are the funniest we've seen in a long time. In fact, they're the funniest ever. My husband and I must have looked like escaped nutters in the shop as we laughed, chuckled and snorted loudly at your hilarious designs. In fact, if we'd stayed there any longer, I think the white man van would have been called. Well done and thanks for making us laugh!"
Tracy Roe - Mar 2nd 2009, 12:15

"I love these - I bought five today because even though I couldn't think of who to send them to I still had to buy them just incase. xx"
Fi - Mar 1st 2009, 14:22

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