No one was harmed in the making of these products!

All our products are as ethical as possible... it is our main priority to ensure anything we produce has as little negative effect on the environment as we can possibly manage. We put a lot of effort into sourcing our products ethically...


All of our cards are printed in the UK on 100% recycled pulp card. Totally Chlorine Free, Forest sustainable and printed in vegetable ink. The envelopes are made locally from recycled, unbleached paper. Our invoices are printed on 100% recycled FSC paper that is de-inked without bleaching and free from optical brightening agents. All our paper and cardboard waste is recycled... and we recycle all our baked bean cans.


All cards are hand-packed by healthy happy packers, we feed them and pay them well.
We don't give ANY shops a discount for volume because that wouldn't be fair to all the independent card selling boutiquers. We prefer to work together with smaller shops and help them succeed to help us succeed.


All the cellophane bags we put our cards in are made from cornstarch, 100% biodegradable and compostable. If you put them straight onto a compost heap they will eventually completely decompose. All our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable.


We have one collection a week to shops over the UK, to save on fuel. We hate waste and unnecessary packaging. We recycle and reuse everything we can, we compost, make home brew, grow food and herbs and we love leftovers! All the cards are printed in vegetable ink, forest sustainable and totally chlorine free. All gifts are sourced as local and as ethically as possible, even if that means compromising on cost and time.


We are not robots. We treat our customers like normal people and try our very best to make them happy.